Through the World, there are many types of drugs used in various forms. But the main thing is that people increase the amount of drug by using it as a regular base medicine which is more injurious to health. So, there are two methods through which drugs used can be reduced. Here are the methods for How to leave drugs permanently naturally.

1. More consumption of Ginger. 

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There are many ways to consume ginger by putting them into dishes or can be used as pickle also, but there is another method to use ginger which is more useful than any other method.

First, wash and peel the ginger and then cut into 1/2 inch pieces. Sprinkle black salt as per taste on it. When ginger is coated with black salt then dry it in sunlight till it becomes dry from outside. When dry ginger pieces are ready, use them as candy.

Whenever body or mind ask for drugs take one piece and put into the mouth and start sucking it in your mouth and it always helps you to relax the body as well as the mind. Also, helps us day to day by reducing consumption of drugs also.

2. Yoga reduces drug consumption 

There are thousands of postures in yoga for different types of uses. But for reducing the drug consumption by using yoga is only possible by relaxing your mind. After sitting in this posture.

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First, take your right hand and put on your right inhaling side of your nose and stop inhaling from the right side of the nose.

When the process of inhaling and exhaling is only dependent upon the right side of the nose. Then, relax your mind and inhale and exhale at least for 20-25 minutes twice a day.

This yoga posture helps us to increase sulfur level in the body which helps us to control the body. Due to which any drug consumption can be controlled or stopped by doing this regularly. It helps us day by day to reduce consumption of drugs also. Therefore, leave drugs today!

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