Hijama is the natural therapy in which small area of the body is selected where the disease has affected or problem has occurred. The selected area for Hijama treatment is marked and therapist puts a few minor cuts for blood to come out from the body. The cuts made by the therapist are very minor to pass the blood out of skin only when the cuts are ready for the next step.

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Then a cup of glass or plastic which is used for the next step of therapy. when cuts of the skins are done then therapist take vacuum maker. It is a pump kind of thing in which Hijama cups are attached on the top of the vacuum machine and the vacuum machine also have blocked nozzle because after creating the vacuum in the cups the air couldn’t pass through the cups of Hijama treatment.

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When therapist gets enough vacuum inside the cups then the vacuum is removed and cups are sealed with the nozzle so air cannot pass. Air vacuuming is the important part of this therapy if the air flows out of the cup the cups then no blood comes out of the body. In this therapy, only that blood comes out of the body which is useless for the body.

The Blood which comes out from the body is only there is only bad blood present in some cases blood never comes out due to no disease or no impurity of the blood. If the blood comes out in only jelly structure due to a lot of impurities and toxins. This is one of the oldest and beneficial therapy for curing of the diseases and purifying the blood. There are no side effects of hijama cupping therapy because it is totally natural and chemical free also.

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