Amazon buys Ring for over $1.2 Billion

27th of February, there was yet another motivational success as Amazon agreed to buy Ring. The company that makes smart doorbells, according to representatives of both companies. This company once couldn’t get any investors to fund their project in Shark Tanks are now being bought by Amazon for over $1.2 billion.

“Ring’s home security products and services have delighted customers since day one. We’re excited to work with this talented team,”

This comes from an Amazon spokesperson who said it on CNBC this Tuesday. While the official deal hasn’t yet been public yet, it could cost Amazon over $1 billion, according to Reuters.

Ring CEO Jamie Siminoff

This could be one of the motivational stories for various young businessmen as Ring’s CEO and founder Jamie Siminoff, did not really got this achievement easily. In fact, there was a time when he couldn’t even get an investment on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” and thought his company might go broke.

The shark tank episode:

Siminoff the CEO of Ring, went on the reality show in 2013, pitching his business that was then called DoorBot. A fancy name. The concept was to sell a WiFi-enabled doorbell that allowed users to see the video of and talk to people as they arrived at the front door. This did seem far-fetched 5 years ago, but we have come a long way since then.

All of the investors but Kevin O’Leary passed, and he made what Siminoff considered an unacceptable offer. The DoorBot also came equipped with a burglary-deterrent feature which could allow the house owner or the users to pretend they were in the house when they actually weren’t, which well, was not foolproof but sure was innovative.

When Jamie appeared on the show he was already doing around $1 million in annual sales. A very impressive small business. He was seeking an investment to take his product to the next level. He asked the sharks to invest $700,000 for a 10% investment in his company. Which put the valuation of his company at $ 7 million then.

Four sharks rejected his proposal without many questions. Only one shark, Kevin O’Leary, did make an offer but apparently, that offer was not a very pleasing number to Siminoff. He offered a $700,000 loan in exchange for 10% of sales until the loan was paid back and a 7% cut of all sales from that point on, plus 5% equity in the company. They could not have a deal that day.

Fast-forwarding to 5 years later, it was revealed that Ring, the company rejected by the sharks has been acquired by Amazon for “over $1 billion”. The exact deal price is not made public but most insights are reporting the deal value to be somewhere between $1.2 and $1.8 billion. This would mean the 10% equity at $700,000 then could have the value of a number between $120-170 million.

Big Anime Series Dragon Ball Super is coming to an End!

We have got some extremely sad news and Dragon Ball Fans are gonna get crazy, Dragon Ball Super is going to end on March 25th, 2018 with the last episode as 131, yeah Dragon Ball Super is ending.

The main reason for the end of super is just that the Toei Animation wants the current Production team of Super to animate for the movie as making animation takes a lot of time. (A single episode takes months before the actual release). That Movie is gonna release in December 2018.

Episode 130, “The One and Only Super-Decisive-Battle” Releasing March 18, 2018 (March 11 will be a holiday due to some Marathon, therefore, no telecast that day)

Episode 131, “Goku, Until The Day We Meet Again” Episode will air on March 25, 2018.

Currently, as per the new interview with FujiTV (FujiTV is the channel on which super officially airs on every week), they haven’t thought of any sequel to Dragoon Ball Super after the end of Universal Survival Arc! See the interview below:

There may be a new Dragon Ball Series in 2019 as Dragon Ball made 60 billion yen greater than the projected 40 billion yen, clearly, it gives a lot of revenue to them, so this is not the end! It is obvious that a business with this much amount of profit can’t be stopped, therefore it will return, Dragon Ball Franchise has not ended!

We also got confirmation that the Episode 131 will be the final episode of the Universal Survival Arc and Dragon Ball Super as per Amazon Japan’s DVDs and now this announcement, we also think that Dragon Ball Super might return with a different name in the near future. The anime Kitaro will take the time slot of Dragon Ball Super from 1 April 2018. Picture by HERMS98:

Dragon Ball Super is one of our favorite anime shows since it started and one of the best anime shows out there, it had been a long journey of 3 years to be exact and I would like to thank all of you, the readers for reading and I would also like to thank Toei Animation for 3 incredible years of Dragon Ball Super.

Is Google AMP ⚡ The Next Big Thing? #AMPConf

There’s an ongoing debate about Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project since they were introduced on 7th October 2015, but Google seems to be very confident and going all in for it. Google made some interesting announcements including AMP Stories & AMP for Email at the second edition of their AMP Conference in the mid of February 2018 in Amsterdam.

Google AMP Project


While there are some people still skeptical about AMP, but others are already enjoying the amazing results from it. There were speakers from some big brands like AliExpress, Zalando, Reddit, Airbnb, BMW, Pinterest, Yahoo, Washington Post, Mail Online etc. who shared their experiences with AMP so far. They definitely faced some issues with the implementation in the initial days but results were absolutely worth it, every single brand managed to achieve more organic visibility along with wonderful improvement in UX metrics.

So, let’s take a look at the power of AMP to decide if they really are the next big thing.

AMP Stories, AMP in Email & More

Let’s start with the highlights of this conference – AMP Toolbox Optimiser, AMP Stories & AMP in Email & AMP Experience for Adwords. These features clearly tell that Google is thinking about AMP in every aspect of a user’s internet life. Here’s the quick recap video of AMPConf’s first day for you:

AMP Analytics, E-commerce & More

On the second day of AMPConf, speakers shared their stories about wonderful results they manage to achieve for E-commerce through AMP – yes, conversion metrics were also part of their success story surprisingly!

Speakers also shared their experiences with analytics which was always in question before, and they were happy with how it works now. So, all good with AMP + Analytics too!

Here’s the quick recap video of AMPConf’s first day for you:

AMP Optimization & SEO: Do’s & Dont’s

We also had SEO experts attending the conference and one of the very popular names in SEO world, Aleya Solis made their day by sharing her SEO experiences with them. Here’s the video of her talk in case you want to make your day as well.


Seeing the tremendous growth in AMP Project in last 12 months and the kind of results people have been noticing with AMP, it won’t be wrong to call it “the next big thing” with the following in mind:

  • Google is investing a lot in AMP and you can expect interesting announcements on regular basis.
  • AMP is not just about the speed, it also provides you
    • UX for free
    • Full responsive components
    • Less work, less worry, less risk
    • Spend time on other important things
    • Awesome documentation and tools to test your stuff
    • And community support of course!

So, if you haven’t planned for it yet? I think it makes sense to evaluate it once more! Also, I would highly recommend you to spend some time on AMP Conf videos in case you want to see the magical impact of AMP on some well-known brands. Maybe that can help you presenting this project to your boss if you’re convinced.

Mass Shooting at a Florida High School 17 killed!

More than a thousand people gathered to mourn the 17 people killed in Wednesday’s mass shooting at a Florida high school.

A gunman began shooting outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on Wednesday just before finishing classes.The gunman arrived at the school at 2:19 pm local time (19:19 GMT).

At least two people were killed outside the building and one person was killed on the street.The gunman entered one of the school buildings where he continued his shooting rampage with a semi-automatic AR-15 rifle. He initially fled the scene. The suspected gunman was later taken into custody in a neighboring town by the police.

The shooting took place in the town of Parkland. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is a public school with about 3,000 students.

Several Vigils were held throughout the day and evening on Thursday, a day after a gunman opened fire on Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, killing at least 14 students and 3 adults.

After that, a candlelight vigil on Thursday night in Parkland, a sea of candles lit the sky as those in attendance held a moment of silence for the victims there.

Here is all about what is OAR in Olympics!

The word OAR in the Olympics is the team’s name mentioned during the 2018 Winter Games in PyeongChang. What OAR stands for in Olympics?

The Russian team was banned earlier by the International Olympic Committee for what they told were a doping scheme during the 2014 Sochi Olympics and the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics after huge investigations. This doesn’t mean that all Russian athletes were banned. The IOC found that some Russian athletes did not violate the doping rules and were formally sent invitations to participate in for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

As part of the compromise, these athletes were welcome to compete in Pyeongchang as long as they were not representing the Russian Olympic team. This meant that the 168 athletes that were approved by the IOC are required to compete as “Olympic Athletes from Russia”, this was IOC’s punishment to the Russian government for doping activities.

In addition to this, the team’s name, everything pertaining to the Russian team is also banned. Instead of adorning colorful Russian attire, the OAR is forced to compete in neutral colored uniforms. That’s why the group of athletes did march in grey and white during the parade of the nations in the opening ceremony.

The OAR’s neutrality even goes as far as the national anthem and the flag. If they win any event, the Olympic anthem will play with the five-ring Olympic flag flying high instead of the Russian flag. However, even with a good amount of Russian athletes banned from competing in PyeongChang, the OAR is still is one of the biggest teams in the 2018 Winter Games and they’ve already won many events till now.

Amazon Polly – Give Your WordPress Blog a Voice

In the beautiful world of technology where we’ve been seeing a tremendous increase in podcast users since the last couple of years, Amazon Polly makes your life super easy by giving voice to your WordPress blog articles.

Your users can now listen to the interesting content you’ve on your WordPress blog while traveling, running, working at the office or,  doing groceries. Credits to Amazon Polly that enables you to publish podcasts directly from your site and make them available for listeners in the form of podcasts.

Before speaking about this amazing plugin, I would like to highlight some interesting podcast statistics to help you understand how useful this tool can be. So, here it is:

  • More than 200 million Americans are aware of podcasting concept
  • Over 50 million people listened to podcasts weekly in 2017
  • More than 60% of Americans aged 12+ listened to podcasts most often on a mobile device

And the concept is growing exponentially in other parts of the world too. So, Amazon launches Polly to make it easy for all blog owners by launching this wonderful plugin which can convert your text article to a podcast.

Amazon Polly WordPress PluginMore details about the plugin can be found here. Happy WordPressing & Podcasting everyone!


Marvel Avengers Infinity War New Trailer was released

Marvel Avengers Infinity War New Trailer has released 4 days ago on the occasion of Super Bowl. Check it here:

Fans had this reason to increase the enjoyment during Super Bowl LII, as Disney’s Marvel released a new trailer of “Avengers: Infinity War”.

Iron Man says, “So this is it, it’s all been leading to this” alongside some of the biggest heroes of the Marvel Universe, including Thor, Spiderman, Captain America, Black Widow and Doctor Strange.

“Avengers: Infinity War” is a massive sum up of the sequence of the last ten years of Marvel films, featuring Thanos as the antagonist after years of teasing fans with quick movie references to Mad Titan and multiple appearances in previous films.

The first trailer, released in November, provided fans with the first glimpses of the superheroes interacting with each other, including Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Black Panther, Thor, and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Speaking at Ace Comic-Con, Falcon actor teased fans with the promise of a huge battle sequence featuring 40 superheroes at the same time.

Avengers: Infinity War will be released in theaters on May 4, 2018. This movie will be followed by an Unknown Avenger movie in 2019.

Here are the Oscar Nominations 2018 that you must know

Oscar nominations for the 90th annual awards were announced on 23rd January in the morning. Academy President John Bailey was joined by Tiffany Haddish and Andy Serkis to convey the nominees in 24 categories this time, and Greta Gerwig is the fifth woman to be nominated for the best director at the Oscars

Here is the detailed list of the Oscar Nominations 2018 with 24 categories.

Best Picture Nominations:

“Call Me by Your Name”
“Darkest Hour”
“Get Out”
“Lady Bird”
“Phantom Thread”
“The Post”
“The Shape of Water”
“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”

Lead Actor Nominations:

Timothée Chalamet, “Call Me by Your Name”
Daniel Day-Lewis, “Phantom Thread”
Daniel Kaluuya, “Get Out”
Gary Oldman, “Darkest Hour”
Denzel Washington, “Roman J. Israel, Esq.”

Lead Actress Nominations:

Sally Hawkins, “The Shape of Water”
Frances McDormand, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”
Margot Robbie, “I, Tonya”
Saoirse Ronan, “Lady Bird”
Meryl Streep, “The Post”

Supporting Actor Nominations:

Willem Dafoe, “The Florida Project”
Woody Harrelson, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”
Richard Jenkins, “The Shape of Water”
Christopher Plummer, “All the Money in the World”
Sam Rockwell, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”

Supporting Actress Nominations:

Mary J. Blige, “Mudbound”
Allison Janney, “I, Tonya”
Lesley Manville, “Phantom Thread”
Laurie Metcalf, “Lady Bird”
Octavia Spencer, “The Shape of Water”

Director Nominations:

“Dunkirk,” Christopher Nolan
“Get Out,” Jordan Peele
“Lady Bird,” Greta Gerwig
“Phantom Thread,” Paul Thomas Anderson
“The Shape of Water,” Guillermo del Toro

Animated Feature Nominations:

“The Boss Baby,” Tom McGrath, Ramsey Ann Naito
“The Breadwinner,” Nora Twomey, Anthony Leo
“Coco,” Lee Unkrich, Darla K. Anderson
“Ferdinand,” Carlos Saldanha
“Loving Vincent,” Dorota Kobiela, Hugh Welchman, Sean Bobbitt, Ivan Mactaggart, Hugh Welchman

Animated Short Nominations:

“Dear Basketball,” Glen Keane, Kobe Bryant
“Garden Party,” Victor Caire, Gabriel Grapperon
“Lou,” Dave Mullins, Dana Murray
“Negative Space,” Max Porter, Ru Kuwahata
“Revolting Rhymes,” Jakob Schuh, Jan Lachauer

Adapted Screenplay Nominations:

“Call Me by Your Name,” James Ivory
“The Disaster Artist,” Scott Neustadter & Michael H. Weber
“Logan,” Scott Frank; James Mangold and Michael Green
“Molly’s Game,” Aaron Sorkin
“Mudbound,” Virgil Williams and Dee Rees

Original Screenplay Nominations:

“The Big Sick,” Emily V. Gordon & Kumail Nanjiani
“Get Out,” Jordan Peele
“Lady Bird,” Greta Gerwig
“The Shape of Water,” Guillermo del Toro, Vanessa Taylor
“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,” Martin McDonagh

Cinematography Nominations:

“Blade Runner 2049,” Roger Deakins
“Darkest Hour,” Bruno Delbonnel
“Dunkirk,” Hoyte van Hoytema
“Mudbound,” Rachel Morrison
“The Shape of Water,” Dan Laustsen

Film Editing Nominations:

“Baby Driver,” Jonathan Amos, Paul Machliss
“Dunkirk,” Lee Smith
“I, Tonya,” Tatiana S. Riegel
“The Shape of Water,” Sidney Wolinsky
“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,” Jon Gregor

Best Documentary Feature Nominations:

“Abacus: Small Enough to Jail,” Steve James, Mark Mitten, Julie Goldman
“Faces Places,” JR, Agnès Varda, Rosalie Varda
“Icarus,” Bryan Fogel, Dan Cogan
“Last Men in Aleppo,” Feras Fayyad, Kareem Abeed, Soren Steen Jepersen
“Strong Island,” Yance Ford, Joslyn Barnes

Best Documentary Short Subject Nominations:

“Edith+Eddie,” Laura Checkoway, Thomas Lee Wright
“Heaven is a Traffic Jam on the 405,” Frank Stiefel
“Heroin(e),” Elaine McMillion Sheldon, Kerrin Sheldon
“Knife Skills,” Thomas Lennon
“Traffic Stop,” Kate Davis, David Heilbroner

Best Live Action Short Film Nominations:

“DeKalb Elementary,” Reed Van Dyk
“The Eleven O’Clock,” Derin Seale, Josh Lawson
“My Nephew Emmett,” Kevin Wilson, Jr.
“The Silent Child,” Chris Overton, Rachel Shenton
“Watu Wote/All of Us,” Katja Benrath, Tobias Rosen

Sound Editing Nominations:

“Baby Driver,” Julian Slater
“Blade Runner 2049,” Mark Mangini, Theo Green
“Dunkirk,” Alex Gibson, Richard King
“The Shape of Water,” Nathan Robitaille, Nelson Ferreira
“Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” Ren Klyce, Matthew Wood

Best Foreign Language Film Nominations:

“A Fantastic Woman” (Chile)
“The Insult” (Lebanon)
“Loveless” (Russia)
“On Body and Soul (Hungary)
“The Square” (Sweden)

Sound Mixing Nominations:

“Baby Driver,” Mary H. Ellis, Julian Slater, Tim Cavagin
“Blade Runner 2049,” Mac Ruth, Ron Bartlett, Doug Hephill
“Dunkirk,” Mark Weingarten, Gregg Landaker, Gary A. Rizzo
“The Shape of Water,” Glen Gauthier, Christian Cooke, Brad Zoern
“Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” Stuart Wilson, Ren Klyce, David Parker, Michael Semanick

Original Score Nominations:

“Dunkirk,” Hans Zimmer
“Phantom Thread,” Jonny Greenwood
“The Shape of Water,” Alexandre Desplat
“Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” John Williams
“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,” Carter Burwell

Original Song Nominations:

“Mighty River” from “Mudbound,” Mary J. Blige
“Mystery of Love” from “Call Me by Your Name,” Sufjan Stevens
“Remember Me” from “Coco,” Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez
“Stand Up for Something” from “Marshall,” Diane Warren, Common
“This Is Me” from “The Greatest Showman,” Benj Pasek, Justin Paul

Production Design Nominations:

“Beauty and the Beast,” Sarah Greenwood; Katie Spencer
“Blade Runner 2049,” Dennis Gassner, Alessandra Querzola
“Darkest Hour,” Sarah Greenwood, Katie Spencer
“Dunkirk,” Nathan Crowley, Gary Fettis
“The Shape of Water,” Paul D. Austerberry, Jeffrey A. Melvin, Shane Vieau

Makeup and Hair Nominations:

“Darkest Hour,” Kazuhiro Tsuji, David Malinowski, Lucy Sibbick
“Victoria and Abdul,” Daniel Phillips and Lou Sheppard
“Wonder,” Arjen Tuiten

Visual Effects Nominations:

“Blade Runner 2049,” John Nelson, Paul Lambert, Richard R. Hoover, Gerd Nefzer
“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” Christopher Townsend, Guy Williams, Jonathan Fawkner, Dan Sudick
“Kong: Skull Island,” Stephen Rosenbaum, Jeff White, Scott Benza, Mike Meinardus
“Star Wars: The Last Jedi,”  Ben Morris, Mike Mulholland, Chris Corbould, Neal Scanlan
“War for the Planet of the Apes,” Joe Letteri, Dan Lemmon, Daniel Barrett, Joel Whist.

Costume Design Nominations:

“Beauty and the Beast,” Jacqueline Durran
“Darkest Hour,” Jacqueline Durran
“Phantom Thread,” Mark Bridges
“The Shape of Water,” Luis Sequeira
“Victoria and Abdul,” Consolata Boyle

Here is how many calories are there in Cadbury Creme Egg and Varieties

Cadbury Creme Egg is a chocolate product produced in the shape of an egg. The product consists of a thick chocolate-shell, housing a white and orange fondant filling which mimics the albumen and yolk of a chicken egg. The Creme Eggs are the best selling confectionery item between New Year’s Day and Easter in the UK.

Cadbury Creme Chocolate Egg Calories

Creme egg has 150 calories.

Nutrition Facts

Cadbury Creme Egg (One Egg) per Serving

Calories 150 Sodium 15 mg
Total Fat 5 g Potassium 0 mg
Saturated 3 g Total Carbs 25 g
Polyunsaturated 0 g Dietary Fiber 0 g
Monounsaturated 0 g Sugars 21 g
Trans 0 g Protein 1 g
Cholesterol 5 mg
Vitamin A 2% Calcium 4%
Vitamin C 0% Iron 6%

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Varieties of this Creme Egg around the world!

Over the years, Cadbury has introduced a number of products related to the original Creme Egg, including:

  • Border Creme Eggs. The first variant, wrapped in various colors of tartan foil and containing chocolate fondant. Introduced as “Fry’s Border Creme Eggs” in 1970, rebranded as “Cadbury Border Creme Eggs” in 1974 and discontinued in 1981.
  • Mini Creme Eggs (bite-sized Creme Eggs)
  • Caramel Eggs (chocolate egg with a caramel filling), launched in 1994
  • Caramilk Egg (Canadian market only)
  • Mini Caramel Eggs (bite-sized Caramel Eggs)
  • Chocolate Creme Eggs (chocolate fondant filling), introduced in 1999
  • Orange Creme Eggs (Creme Eggs with a hint of orange flavor)
  • ‘Berry’ Creme Eggs (magenta wrapper and pink fondant, sold circa 1987 in Australia)
  • Mint Creme Eggs (green “yolk” and mint flavor chocolate)
  • Dairy Milk with Creme Egg bars
  • Creme Egg Fondant in a Narrow Cardboard Tube (limited edition)
  • Creme Egg ice cream with a fondant sauce in milk chocolate
  • Dream Eggs (New Zealand). White chocolate with white chocolate fondant filling. Discontinued in 2010.
  • Cadbury McFlurry (British, Irish, Canadian and Australian McDonald’s only) McFlurry soft serve mix with Creme Egg & chocolate filling.
  • Creme Egg Twisted (Britain, Ireland, Australia and Canada) Available all year round. It was introduced to Australia in 2010 but was quickly discontinued.
  • Holiday Ornament Creme Egg
  • Mad About Chocolate Egg (Australia and New Zealand). The purple wrapper, milk chocolate with chocolate fudge filling. Discontinued in 2010.
  • Peppermint Egg (New Zealand). Discontinued in 2010.
  • Giant Creme Eggs, a thick chocolate shell with white and caramel fondant filling. Manufactured in North America. Discontinued in 2006.
  • Creme Egg Splats – fried egg shaped pieces of milk chocolate filled with fondant.
  • Screme Egg – traditional milk chocolate shell with a white and green fondant center – available for Halloween
  • Screme Egg Minis – Mini version of the Screme Egg – available for Halloween
  • Fudgee-O Egg (Canada). Introduced at the start of 2015. Filled with a fudge creme center.
  • Oreo Cream Egg (Canada). Introduced in 2016. Filled with a white cream center containing Oreo cookie crumbs.
  • Ghost Egg – Same as normal Creme Egg, but without the “yolk”.
  • White Chocolate Creme Egg – Creme Egg, but with white chocolate replacing the milk chocolate. Released in 2018 as part of a UK promotion

All things you need to know about today’s Super Bowl LII

Super Bowl LII  will be the 52nd Super Bowl and the 48th modern-era National Football League (NFL) championship game.

The National Football Conference (NFC) champion Philadelphia Eagles will play the American Football Conference (AFC) champion New England Patriots to decide the league champion for the 2017 NFL season.

The game is scheduled to be held on February 4, 2018 (TODAY), at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It will be the second Super Bowl in Minneapolis, which previously hosted Super Bowl XXVI in 1992.

It will be the sixth Super Bowl in a cold-weather city, and Minneapolis will continue to be the northernmost city to host a Super Bowl.

The New England Patriots, looking for its third Super Bowl win in four seasons, will face the Philadelphia Eagles in a rematch of Super Bowl 39.

Justin Timberlake will return to the Super Bowl halftime show stage for the first time since the infamous 2004 wardrobe malfunction. Pink will perform the National Anthem.

Here’s everything you need to know for the 2018 Super Bowl, including who will be performing at halftime and who will be singing the national anthem as well as how to watch the big game:

Which side of the Super Bowl line do you need to be all over?

Visit SportsLine now to see which side of Patriots-Eagles you need to jump on, plus what X-factor determines the outcome, all from a Vegas legend who is 9-3 on Eagles’ games.

How to Watch Super Bowl LII

Date: Today, Feb. 4, 2018, Time:  6:30 p.m. ET Where:  U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis.

MN TV:  NBC (check local listings)

Stream:  FuboTV (Try for free)

Announcers of the event:  Al Michaels (play-by-play), Cris Collinsworth (analyst), Michele Tafoya (sideline reporter)

What should we expect from this event?

Considering the Patriots are in the Super Bowl, expect an unforgettable game that comes down to the wire. Will Brinson looks inside the Patriots’ absurd run of exciting Super Bowls.

How much do the tickets cost?

It’ll take more than $3,000 to sit in the “cheap seats”.

What else is there to do in Minnesota if I go there?

Reid Forgrave welcomes you into his home state, as chilly as it is there.

Who’s playing halftime in the event?

Justin Timberlake will be making his third appearance in the Super Bowl halftime show today.

Who’s singing the national anthem today?

It’ll be a Philadelphia native kicking things off before the Eagles kick things off, as Pink will deliver the national anthem prior to the start of the game.