There are many cuisines in the world which have originated from several places. Few cuisines are from a small place or from large places or whether represent the whole nation or country also. But there are cuisines which are famous for worldwide. Visit our site for more. Here are the World’s Best Authentic & Delicious Cuisines Ever.

5. South Indian Cuisine

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South Indian cuisine is the part of Indian cuisine which originated from southern states of India. It includes the food like dosa, idli, sambar, rasam and many more etc. South Indian food generally basic preparations are done with nariyal products which are well known as coconuts.

4. Thai Cuisine

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Thai cuisine is originated from Thailand. this cuisine is basically based on curry paste like green curry paste, red curry paste, yellow curry paste and much more paste etc.

It generally includes rice, starches, and noodles etc. Basic herbs and spices used are Thai basil, cilantro, cloves, lemon grass, eye bird chilly and many more etc.

3. Indo – Chinese cuisine

Indo-Chinese cuisine is one of the mixtures of two cuisines Indian and Chinese. In this cuisine, the Chinese dishes got converted into Indian style using sauces of Chinese cuisine and spices of Indian cuisine. The food like Chowmein, chilly potato and many more are famous.

2. Continental cuisine

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Continental cuisine originated from European countries like France, Italy, and Spane etc. This cuisine is based on the five mother sauces which are Mayonnaise sauce, hollandaise sauce, bechamel sauce, veloute sauce and tomato sauce etc.

Its base ingredients are garlic, olive oil, wine and various herbs and spices etc. Food like pasta’s, pizza’s and omelet are famous worldwide, all of these come under continental cuisine.

1. North Indian cuisine

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In north Indian cuisine food is prepared with a mixture of rich gravies and with strong spices. north Indian food is famous all over the world and its another name is also known as “Punjabi food”.

Few famous dishes like dal makhani, shahi paneer, butter chicken, Sarson ka saag & Makki ki roti, chicken tikka, and lassi etc. Nowadays it is one of the famous food which is served all over the world.

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